Collective Impact

Karen Bailey - Independent Consultant

Karen has extensive experience in the retail, communications, and human service industries. She has a very strong work ethic and strives for success in any task she undertakes.
Karen currently works with Collective Impact in the areas of finance, forecasting, contract management, website maintenance, as well as various other responsibilities.
At her job at DialAmerica Marketing Inc, Karen is directly responsible for meeting qualitative and quantitative results for her shift, which consists of 40 Telephone Sales Representatives and 4 managerial staff. She also oversees all aspects of training and development and is directly responsible for the development and implementation of training materials and reports to help her staff efficiently perform the everyday aspects of their jobs. 
At JCPenney Department Store, Karen was directly responsible for purchasing based upon research data reflecting sales trends, as well as, research and track history of sales for projection of future purchases. An important aspect of her job was to coordinate and oversee quality assurance and adjustment of daily/monthly and yearly inventory process. She provided direct supervision for a team of 10 associates and demonstrated quality public relations through interaction with corporate and district leadership, vendors, instore employees, and customers.
Karen has extensive experience in assessment and evaluation from her work at the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Maternal and Child Health, Research and Evaluation Unit. Here she was directly involved in the PRAMS (Prenatal Risk Assessment Monitoring Systems) Project where she conducted telephone surveys with women in West Virginia who had recently given birth, to find out the level of care they received from various service providing organizations. Karen implemented the Lead Screening Program where she conducted various family surveys to find out the extent of lead exposure in children and families. Karen also preformed data entry and statistical analysis to assist the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to better determine the needs of these target populations.
Karen has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Management concentration and an Associates Degree in Merchandising Management. While obtaining her degree she minored in Finance and Financial Management. Karen also completed numerous courses dealing with quantitative and qualitative models to determine the most effective strategies in reaching desired outcomes.