Collective Impact

Planning and Change Management

Collective Impact provides planning and change management services to assist organizations and communities to envision the future and develop the necessary actions to realize it.  We help clients create a "roadmap" to guide their efforts toward preferred results.
Collective Impact facilitates planning and change management processes for organizations and communities.  We combine elements of traditional strategic planning, use a logic model - theory of change approach, and provide tools that assist clients through each step of their change process.  Collective Impact guides clients through all phases of planning and change management, including issues analysis, vision and mission development, action planning, and benchmarking and monitoring change efforts.  We can also help clients communicate, brand, and evaluate their efforts.
Our approach is mission-driven, meaning that we help clients focus on why they exist and ways to better implement their efforts to realize their mission.  Collective Impact understands that clients are at different stages of organizational or community development.  We customize our approach to address each client's unique needs and situation.  
Collective Impact has experience providing planning and change management services for many entities, including non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, entrepreneures, multi-disciplinary groups, collaboratives, and systems of care.  We are skilled at helping to achieve consensus among diverse groups of people. 
Collective Impact has specific experience assisting clients in developing outcomes frameworks for benchmarking, identifying trends, and monitoring success.  These frameworks help clients to demonstrate returns on investments and value-added benefits to funders, customers, policy makers, or the general public. 
Collective Impact also works with communities to integrate their children and family service systems.  We help communities identify where they are on the integration continuum and develop the necessary steps to move forward.   Connect The Dots is a "creative communities" development strategy that helps strengthen community capacity and enrich social capital.
Planning and change management services from Collective Impact can help clients to be proactive rather than reactive, to create change and improvement rather than react to change.  This will better position organizations and communities for greater success.