Collective Impact

Financial Resource Development

Organizations and communities operate in uncertain financial times, with fluctuating funding sources and turbulent economic conditions.  Collective Impact understands that resources are scarce, and that clients must be creative and proactive to sustain their efforts.  We bring innovative thinking and proven experience to help in this realm. 
Collective Impact offers a range of services to help organizations and communities develop financial resources, including planning, funding source research, grant writing, and assessment of alternative funding mechanisms.  We also provide funding stream mapping and analysis, examination of trends, forecasting, and return on investment (ROI) services.  We coordinate financial resource development activities so that clients can focus on their mission-driven efforts.  We recognize the uniqueness of each situation and offer services designed to meet each client's needs. 
Collective Impact knows what it takes to write successful proposals and grant applications and shares this expertise with clients.  We recognize that most funders require accountability and results.  We help incorporate measurable outcomes and evaluation plans into funding proposals and grant applications.  We have specific experience assisting clients in developing outcomes frameworks for benchmarking, identifying trends, and monitoring success.  These frameworks help clients to demonstrate returns on investments and value-added benefits to funders, customers, policy makers, or the general public. 
Collective Impact focuses on financial solutions to ensure "thrivability" for our clients.  Our diverse experience in collaborative resource development gives us an understanding of how to facilitate partnerships to sustain efforts and to make the most effective use of resources.  We help clients develop creative funding solutions, such as fees for services, social entrepreneurship options, and public-private partnerships. 
An investment in Collective Impact's financial resource development services is a wise one.  It helps clients focus on "thrivability," initiate partnerships with other organizations or communities, and leverage additional resources to help better achieve their mission.