Collective Impact

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation are processes to help organizations and communities examine themselves and their efforts.  From this examination, planned actions can be implemented to realize greater impact.  Organizations and communities often begin or continue their efforts without knowledge of whether their approach is the right one.  Assessment and evaluation services from Collective Impact help clients determine how to adjust their course to better achieve their goals. 
Collective Impact conducts general assessments of organizations and communities, as well as targeted assessments with a focus on specific areas, such as leadership, communication, resources, technology, learning, etc.  An assessment helps clients examine their organization or community (or some component of it) for planning, development, or evaluation purposes.  It provides information to clients to help them be more educated and strategic in their decision-making.  
Collective Impact has specific expertise conducting community assessments.  We use a team approach that engages key stakeholders and establishes a framework for ongoing assessment.  Assessment findings are compiled and presented in a format that allows individuals and organizations to easily access and use them. Collective Impact’s Homegrown TNT (Tried -n- True) is our signature evaluation service that helps clients prove the effectiveness and fidelity of their approach. 
Collective Impact performs process and outcome evaluations to document effectiveness and to identify adjustments or improvements that may improve effectiveness.  We recognize that, due to limited resources, our clients operate in an environment in which there is a greater focus on results.  We help to incorporate a results-based approach into our clients’ programs and processes.  This enables clients to determine if they are doing what they said they were going to do and if they are reaching desired outcomes. 
Collective Impact has diverse experience developing outcomes frameworks for improving programs, systems, or infrastructure.  These frameworks help organizations and communities benchmark, identify trends, and monitor success.  Clients are then better able to demonstrate returns on investments and value-added benefits to funders, customers, policy makers, or the general public.
Collective Impact uses quantitative and qualitative methods of assessment and evaluation.  We customize our methods to address our clients’ specific needs and welcome the opportunity to be involved in innovative assessment and evaluation activities. 
Collective Impact works with clients to build capacity so that they can continue to assess their organization or community and evaluate their progress.  We also offer Internet-based services to support assessment and evaluation activities.  The Venue Data Gallery includes modules that help organizations and communities collect, archive, assemble, and share data. The Venue Asset Mapping and Resource Directory modules enable organizations and communities to map and archive assets and resources.