Collective Impact

Branding Communication

Perceptions of organizations and communities are formed daily through their presence in the field and interaction with others.  Collective Impact's branding communication services help clients better direct their efforts to build and support strong and favorable images of their organization or community.  We help to strategically promote clients and their efforts, as well as shape public opinion regarding the quality and effectiveness of their efforts.  Our goal is to help clients more easily reach their target audiences (internal and external) with maximum results. 
Collective Impact can help clients determine how well they know themselves and their audiences with communication audit and market analysis services.  We project market trends and identify communication resources needed to enhance interaction with target audiences.  Collective Impact can also facilitate the development of strategic marketing and communications plans with a focus on identity development, relationship building, and image recognition.
The media can be a powerful partner in communicating messages. Collective Impact works with clients to identify appropriate opportunities for advertising and media coverage.  We also help clients design and coordinate specialized outreach and education campaigns to achieve greater awareness about their organization or community. 
To support clients' communications with their audiences, Collective Impact can prepare print materials or proofread and edit them to enhance their impact on target audiences.  Collective Impact also prepares compelling communications materials for the purpose of political rhetoric, advocacy, crisis communication, persuasion, or public policy.  Whether clients need brochures, postcards, speeches, white papers, annual reports, or other branding communication materials, Collective Impact can create pieces that bring great results. 
Collective Impact offers Internet-based services to support branding communication activities.  Venue Web-Based services includes modules that enable clients to promote and market their organization or community and facilitate market analysis activities.