Collective Impact

Community Design Innovations


Community Design Innovations is our signature service for facilitating community-level work among diverse partners from various disciplines and sectors.   It is a promising practice for leading communities of geographic location and/or common purpose through a holistic and integrated planning process.

Community Design Innovations is a model for training and developing a team of community stakeholders in comprehensive outcome-based planning and development. Community Design Innovations increases local capacity to work collaboratively in implementing development strategies, solutions, and projects that improve communities and the quality of life of its residents. 

Stakeholders are led through a strategic visioning, assessment, planning, execution, and evaluation process .  The focus or "cornerstone" of the process varies and may include a focus on such areas as affordable housing, substance abuse prevention, community development, child abuse prevention, youth development, community/public health, early childhood, addiction recovery, economic development, arts and culture, domestic violence, recreation and tourism, etc.     

Community Design Innovations Outcomes: