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Steve Heasley - Heasley Consulting Services


Steven B. Heasley is an independent consultant and owner of Heasley Consulting Services.


Steven is a skilled researcher, evaluator, and strategic planner.  For more than 30 years, he has assisted local community organizations and governmental agencies in areas of research, policy analysis, evaluation, financing, management, and strategic planning. He has consulted on national projects and has extensive experience in organizational analysis, survey design, and data analysis. He has been recognized for his exceptional work in the areas of financing and policy development related to child and family programs. Steven served as an advisor to the Clinton Administration’s “Partnership for Stronger Families” and assisted “The Finance Project” on work related to the development of Children’s Budgets and the analysis of public funding.


While working for the Office of the Governor in West Virginia (1997-2005), he was engaged in public policy development, issues related to the financing of governmental services, and research and evaluation activities. As a private consultant, he has contributed to a large number of strategic planning, assessment, research, and evaluation projects over the past ten years for numerous clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other states. Steven holds a Master of Arts degree in Behavior Disorders from Marshall University. He also studied at the graduate level in Sociology at West Virginia University after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at WVU.