Collective Impact

Beth Bordeaux



Beth Bordeaux is an action-oriented consultant, working with nonprofits, local governments, churches, and community coalitions. She facilitates healthy integration, dialogue, and focus . . . forming environments where great things are accomplished. Beth works from a systems perspective and is driven by alignment with the anticipated impact . . .


Why does this work matter?


What difference will it make?


Whose life will be changed for the better?


As a young Social Worker in the early 1990’s, she met challenge after challenge as her clients continuously bumped up against barriers and closed doors in their search for support . . . barriers to accessing services, uninformed policies and practices, broken communications, fragmented programming, etc. Today Beth looks back over an eclectic career that forms her unique perspectives, insights, and a toolbox of skills. So equipped, she now devotes her work to strengthening service systems with an appreciative approach, always looking forward with a keen eye for acknowledging strengths and opening possibilities.


Beth has a proven record in managing organizational change, cultivating collaboration, developing sustainable processes, and using data to inform quality improvement, measure results, and tell the story. For more detailed information on Beth’s experience and accomplishments, see her [resume here].


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