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Collective Impact provides organizations and communities with Venue Web Services.  Venue is an innovative content management system that helps organizations and communities operate more efficiently and effectively, strengthen operational infrastructure, and develop social capital.  It is user-friendly with development driven by its users.  Venue gives users the ability to update their web site content without technical knowledge or expertise.
Venue enables organizations and communities to:
-     Promote their efforts.
-     Collect, analyze, and share information.
-     Communicate and network.
-     Establish a clearinghouse for data.
-     Learn in distant environments.
-     Connect people and resources.
-     Sell products and services.
Venue is interactive and component-oriented, allowing it to be easily expanded to grow with clients' needs and budgets.  Venue contains an array of component-oriented tools to help organizations and communities better reach their audiences; we refer to these as modules.  Venue modules are designed to work together or function independently and can be "plugged into" existing websites.  Due to our component-oriented methodology, clients can select those features that specifically meet their unique needs, when they are needed.
The Venue Studio has remote access features that enable users to create content, organize information, and perform interactive tasks.  It provides automated features that simplify the process of communicating, information sharing, and on-line sales transactions.
Venue provides many security features.  It is maintained at a secure hosting facility to make sure that confidential information is protected.  The hosting facility uses state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion detection systems, as well as redundant data links and onsite backup power generation to ensure reliability and security.  Venue incorporates data encryption and secure keys for protecting confidential information and facilitating on-line purchasing transactions.
Systems management is provided by our information technology experts so that clients can focus on what they do best.  Systems management includes administration, maintenance, hosting, and system updates.  Training and customer support is offered using a train-the-trainer approach to help users get the most out of Venue.  Clients receive a base level of training and customer support with all Venue services.  Additional services are provided to help market Venue, including domain name registration and search engine submissions.
Venue modules are as follows:
  • About Us
  • Asset Mapping
  • Blogs
  • Outcomes Evaluation (Programs and Communities)
  • Events & News 
  • Forums
  • Non-Profit Capacity Assessment
  • Registration
  • Resource Directory
  • Resource Library
  • Strategic Planning
  • Store Front
  • Survey
  • Work Place


Venue Specialized Systems